Unlock items with Pou!

november 9, 2012

*Okay it’s insane how many visitors I’ve had since I posted this. I’ve added some of your tips and tricks (and cheats!) and I hope it is helpful!
Also some of you think it’s funny to just leave a comment saying something like: daerpoidfadfoerd. What is your point? Please if you comment, be kind to everyone, every comment is checked.
Thank you very much for visiting this page! Please keep sharing your tips and tricks with us!*

Hey you guys! I’m using this awesome app called Pou, which is a sort of pet that you have to feed and clean and take care of, and you can dress him and buy toys for him and stuff BUT I just found out that if you do something, you can unlock the so called ‘specials’! I thought you had to buy these things (like you normaly have to do, not cool) but here is the tip I have for you:

If you give him every kind of sushi once, you will unlock the Ninja Outfits.

HOW AWESOME! They cost about 5999 coins, so I’m halfway now but now I’m curious how to get the other special outfits unlocked! Do you have any tips? Please let me know, I really want the devil, the cow and the bee :p

Okay new idea. I’m gonna make a table so you can see what you have to do to unlock a certain thing.

White body color: unlock last achievement of colour match (get 3000)
Black body color: unlock last achievement of sad pou (tap 500)
Gold body: Reach level 22
Black Bee: Get 50 combinations in pou sounds
Yellow Bee: Get 50 combinations in pou sounds
White Cow: Eat all the food once
Yellow Cow:
Blue Cow:
Pink Cow: Eat each kind of food 9 times
Smart Ninja: eat all the sushi once
Shy Ninja: eat all the sushi once
Smarty Eyeglasses: Reach level 24
Reindeer costume:
Red Santa hat:
Gree Santa hat:
Red Santa costume:
Green Santa costume:
Snowpou costume:
Reindeer costume:
Blue black maffia hat:
Orange black maffia hat:
Rose black maffia hat:
Purple black maffia hat:
Purple yellow maffia hat:
Christmas special wallpapers:

Another trick: Click the special item, and buy it for 1999 coins!

I hope this was helpful and if you have any additions, please let me know!


One more thing.. I can’t understand any language besides English, Dutch and German (and a liiiitle bit French) so I would appreciate it if your comments would be in one of those languages :p Saves me time to figure out what you’re saying!

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109 Reacties to “Unlock items with Pou!”

  1. hgdhjjd Zegt:

    To unlock the cow you have to eat all the food there is.. and to.unlock te temaraki sushi you have to eat all the fruit there is

  2. slaying pous Zegt:

    to unlock white body color have 3000 in pou color slide thingy

  3. Hannah Zegt:

    To unlock the white body color you have to match 3000 pou’s in color match
    And to unlock the black body color you have to tap 500 sad pou’s in sad tap!

  4. Papi Zegt:

    Hey they added this reindeer costume and I want to get it. Please tell me what to do!

  5. Conni Zegt:

    To unlock the black & the yellow bee you have to remember 50 combinationes in pou sounds.:) (sorry for my bad english.. )

  6. GoChucky Zegt:

    To unlock yellow and blue cow you have to eat all food 3 times.

  7. Pou Zegt:

    You have to eat 250 times for the kitchen cloth wallpaper :)

  8. Julia Zegt:

    That white dow thing is drong. Have that but in have not the white com :-) (my english is bad)

  9. Julia Zegt:

    Sorry dow is cow

  10. Julia Zegt:

    Im sorry, what i say wasnt true

  11. Dresf Zegt:

    To unlock the reindeer get level 47

  12. Dres Zegt:

    To get bees get to level 50 on sound game

  13. dsf Zegt:

    Hello everybody. Please, tell me what I have to do for get the Snowpou, the red santa hat, the green santa hat , and all the mafia Hat special.

  14. conlan Zegt:

    The yellow cow and blue cow is unlocked by eating everything
    Three times

  15. bestpouever Zegt:


  16. JJKitty838 Zegt:

    Hello I was wondering how you unlock the special Sushi?

  17. sasu nada Zegt:


  18. renato Zegt:

    yo soy bueno con mi pou

  19. ed Zegt:

    how to unlock snowpou ?
    let me know

  20. spielplatz Zegt:

    Ich wil ganz viel geld 1000000000000000000000000 geld haben und level 160 sein

  21. Julia Zegt:

    You forget to put how you get the reindeer costume in your table.

  22. Julia Zegt:

    How can you fast level up?

  23. Roberth Zegt:

    Aumentar dinheiro do pou

  24. paqui Zegt:

    Como se consige otro pou

  25. Sascha101 Zegt:

    ich will bitte 100.000gold das wer nice

  26. Sofi_ Zegt:

    Guys I foun d a trick! To unlock all the specials just click on it and it will apppear that it is blocked and if you want it, just pay the 1999 extra! hope it helps! Great cheat!

  27. Draghia Ioana Zegt:


  28. Draghia Ioana Zegt:


  29. Legal gente amei esse jogo pou eu gostei tenho 4dese jogo ta gente nao e memtira

  30. Porra acredita vai se cata fuer

  31. Oi pou cheats meu nome e Clara e eu te amo

  32. Racheel Zegt:

    Nn consiigo fazer meu pou?e agora/

  33. Lea Güleryüz Zegt:

    Pleas !!!!!!

  34. Pleas mû pou its pleite pleas pleas

  35. sara Zegt:

    You can unlock the black mafia hats with the color tap game! I got the blue-black one with the second trophy (150 pous) and I think others are linked to the colour of these trophies (250=orange-black, 350=rose-black,450=purple-black)

  36. Baaboo Zegt:

    Flowers are also marked as ‘special’. To unlock flowers from second line (blue flower, yellow rose and pink flower) you need to water flowers 10 times.

    PS It is not cheat, it have been possible since I started to playing Pou :D Topic is interesting and I look there regulary coz I want to know how to unock them without spending money ;)

  37. leonardo gonçalves Zegt:


  38. giovanna Zegt:


  39. Fang Shu Zegt:


  40. oliwiahejkac Zegt:

    lubie tągre bo to jest po prostuvs super

  41. sahak Zegt:

    chce żeby był ładny i mialddziefczynę

  42. paolo Zegt:

    Voglio tutti i trucchi

  43. olga Zegt:

    Ich will viel geld und einen hohen Level

  44. GhostMode Zegt:

    Orange Black Mafia hat – get 250 points in Color Tap. Probably the rest mafia hats for next Color Tap achievements.

  45. TaiYai Zegt:

    To je super ampak dober

  46. Quiero muxo dinero para el pou

  47. Abbey Briggs Zegt:

    It was very interesting. I’ve got all of them except the devil, Frankenstein and bee.

  48. Jerry Wynn Zegt:

    I want get gold 100000000000.

  49. bendi Zegt:

    This is good game

  50. Jaciara Zegt:

    Prometo cuida do pou melho que todo mundo

  51. QWERT Zegt:

    non funziona

  52. Sunshineentchen Zegt:

    If you tap at least 75 Pous in Color tap you unlock the orange mafia hat.

  53. sengersgb Zegt:

    body colours

  54. gabriel Zegt:

    Como eu faço para desbloquiar o nivel 100

  55. anthonymix91@live.com Zegt:


  56. ma_tej738 Zegt:


  57. hanneke Zegt:

    How to unlock special flowers?

  58. LILA_2036 Zegt:

    I have to have a one milion for coins

  59. B I V O L POU Zegt:

    I am level 50 ive got a garden and i can paly footbal . Do you have that ive upgrated tje game 4 times and noe a have them (sorry for the bad english )

  60. B I V O L POU Zegt:

    You can unlock flowers on level 60

  61. giuseppe289 Zegt:


  62. Meu pou no celular está em nível 21 com roupas diferentes tudo fundo diferente. Mas em meu tablet é o mesmo pou, cadastrado com o mesmo e-mail e está no nível 19, já sai e voltei, já salvei o do celular e nada. Continua da mesma forma. Me ajudem por favor!

  63. paoser Zegt:

    Anybody knows how to get the sleigh car pls help, or snowpou, santa and the reindeer :) nickname: paoser

  64. To unlock the orange maffia hat, jou need to get a score of 250 –or over 250– on color tap.

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