Tell me what to do to take away the you

januari 24, 2012

This has been a long time ago.. I found a song that I love so much because it has this beautiful peace of piano in it.. Oh I can enjoy it so much.. I want to learn to play it, so that I can play it too..

Okay thats for that. I am waiting right now for my mum to come home. She called to ask if we wanted fries. My sister said yes. I prefer no fries, but we don’t have much vegetables here anymore, so I had to say yes. I don’t really like fries, but okay.. I’ll work it off again.. One day. Maybe.
Okay stop it. I found this increddible awesome app that teach me how to sport. I like it, but ever since I started doing that, I have the feeling that my fat belly just gets fatter. Ugh I hate that fat belly. It’s not that I’m obese, I hope not, but I just have that belly that is irritating me. I’m typing this on my laptop by the way. I had a lot of problems with it (It’s a Dell Laptop). I thought it was a good laptop, but I lost trust. I hope it will work fine from now. I think they have done something to it, because the problem hasn’t showed up again. Thats a good thing..

I am trying something new by the way. Since.. 5 days? Since 5 days i’m trying lucid dreaming out. And I can say, it’s so awesome already! I dreamed every night since I started. Before I never dreamed that much, but now I dream every night, and the best part is: I can remember my dreams when I wake up! I’ll tell something more about it another day maybe.

I’m going to eat now, because my mother is here.
I’ll finish this later.


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