I’m getting crazy!

april 6, 2012

I haven’t written anything for a while now, I know. But I wanted to share this with you. I recently got instagram, an app for my phone, and I enjoy having it, so I followed a few celebrity’s just because i’m interested in their daily activities haha. So I followed Ian Harding (an actor) as well. and I replied to one of his pictures. I asked him if the street he posted a picture about was a real street or not, and (I am a 99,9% sure he did!) responded with ‘haha yes, it’s a real street in England’ (or something like that) and I was so happy! Ian Harding responded to my question, when does that happen? So I tried to watch my profile on instagram, is that stupid thing not working! And I tried over and over again, then I went downstairs and tried it again and then it did work.. But the notification was gone.. Gosh thats a bummer.. Now I have no proof, and I start to think that i’m losing my mind.. I really hope i’m not.. But anyways, I can’t study anymore, I just keep thinking about it :p And my stupid idious sister is playing that rediculous music from her favourite band and she DOES NOT SHUT THE **** UP. Gosh I have to concentrate! And so do you! I’m putting all my anger in here, so that I hope that I can continue with studying. Gosh I HATE IT. GIMME PEACE PLEASE. PEACE AND QUITE. BE QUITE! AAARG!
Now yeah.. thats what I wanted to share. Gotta go studying, pff..
Stay strong.


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