april 8, 2012

This post is because I want to apologize to everyone I’ve hurt in the past. Now, I have to be clear and honest: I have NEVER hurt someone on purpose. NEVER. There is not one moment I can think of that I’ve hurt someone on purpose. Okay? Let that be clear. And the next thing: Neither have I hurt anyone while I was aware of it. I cannot think of one moment that I did that. If someone I know reads this, and knows a moment that I’ve hurt that person, tel me. Comment on this post or whatever because you know, I honestly apologize for it. I’ll come to you, or we’ll meet somewhere because I really want to know you that I’m sorry. It is so wrong to hurt someone. I cannot think of a moment that I hurted someone but If I did, than I have to know, so please, tell me. You have to confront me with that okay? Great. Now that is clear I want to tell a little think about what I did today.

This was a lazy easterday. No special breakfast, ate two slices of bread all by myself. No brunch or huge lunch. Nope. Nothing. Just a normal lunch with bread and butter and just ordinary stuff. Milk. Peanutbutter. Chocopaste. And yeah.. what else. Hagelslag (dutch, I love this stuff). And yeahh.. It was not gezellig at-all. Seriously, no one spoke during lunch. And same for dinner. Nothing happened. Blugh, stupid boring family. I want to get married, have children and have a NICE easterweekend. Everyone seems to have fun during easter except for me. As usual. Okay next. I was so depressed today. It has gotten to a point that I wanted to go cycling (i’m afraid to go out of the house for no reason :$) and yea.. I even wanted to go cycling somewhere and come back 2 hours later but before that, I posted something on tumblr, like how I felt and everything, without the intention for someone to read it, but a friend read it and she texted me about it. Oh dear.. I was trapped.. So I told a little about how I felt and I felt better. Yes.. It was kind of releaving. And another long story that I don’t want to think about pops into my mind. Not a long story, but still,, I’m not going to tell you about it. I don’t have the energy. Okay ANYWAYS, I didn’t went cycling.Instead, I watched youtube all afternoon. Really bad. 

But now I’m calm and all while I’m writing this. I was so upset this morning. I have to spend more time outside. I just have to, it’s good for me. Okay now lets go to sleep. I’ll answer my epal and then I’m going to do some crunches I think before I go to sleep. Yeah, good one.

This is the first post that I’m calm, isn’t it? I’m not angry, this is just a post full of bullshit and the English grammar is absolutely horrible, but who cares. Its good to have a blog like this you know. It’s releaving. 🙂

Gotta go now!


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