All of the lights

april 24, 2012

Okay, I created this blog to ‘help’ my English a little and to release my toughts. While i’m typing this, i’m actually talking as if i’m telling this to myself.. So weird, but I like it and nobody notices so whatever :).

I have something to say, I want it off my chest. So, tomorrow the new projects starts, but I have a problem. One, I hate the group already. Okay Hate is a big word, I don’t like it. Better? Anyways, I prefered being in another group but I can’t. Next thing, I don’t like the project itself. So now what? What do I have to do now? Tomorrow it will be the first day. Gosh please kill me.. I really don’t like it .. What to do, what to do? I had a small panic attack, I’m about to get another one. Ugh, I guess I’ll have to see and I just have to go.. I really don’t like it (i’m trying really hard not to swear..)

I’ll tell you how it went another day. I’ll have to face the fear (I absolutely don’t like one person in the group, but the rest does like her..) Pray for me, please? Oh, and I am wondering if anyone ever takes a look at this blog? Because I can’t imagine it would be interesting to read about another depressed girl with her issues.. And apparntly i’m right 😉 But that’s okay, I made this for myself.

Now i’m really going, i’m tired.

Keep your head up.


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