december 14, 2012

For so long I’m trying to find the reason for my own behaviour. It’s not that I think my behaviour is weird, but I just want my questions to be answered. Why am I so afraid to go out? Why am I so afraid to talk to people who are above me? Why do I have this huge desire to prove everyone wrong? For me, I think there is just one way to get the answer. I have to go study Psychology. I love psychology. I believe the ‘soul’ is a product of the brain.  I think that is the psychological view as well. I don’t know if i’m saying this correct in English, but I just feel like I had to share this. I have very complex ideas of life and everything that comes with it but my English is unfortunately not that great so I can’t explain everything to you all. I’m very sorry. I wish I could..

I feel like writing a lot, but I don’t know where to write about.. What is going on wit me? I don’t know it anymore. I’m listening to First Aid Kit now. I love them so much. They’re music is great. I’m tpying without looking and I’m not planning on looking for mistakes. I’m just gonna post it, I don’t care. Byebye.


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