You saw my pain washed out in the rain

mei 22, 2013

Shit is craaazy!! People keep visiting my page! I’ve never had this before! Thank you so so much! It was never my intention to have THIS MUCH visitors but I am so thankful to all of you!

I started this ‘blog’ to share my thoughts. Or well, not even sharing, just writing them down and be able to read them back. To get a grip on my own life and emotions but ever since the Pou app was launched, I couldn’t find any website where the tips and tricks were shared! So I thought, well, let’s just share it on my blog! And so I did, I made a list of the special items I had not unlocked yet (because I forgot how to unlock the rest) and I let you guys add things to it! And Oh – my – god! I have had so many replies and whaa it’s amazing! So thank you very much!

I have this one tradition on my blog, I’m a music addict so my blog title is always a sentence from the song i’m listening to right now. You guess which one this is!


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