Cash 4 ladies

mei 25, 2013

Hey everyone!
Here is a special post especially for my Dutch and Belgian visitors! My friend told me about this website called Cash4ladies. First I thought it was another useless website but actually it is really cool! What you have to do is you click the link right in the sidebar (or scroll to the bottom of this post) and fill in your name and emailaddress. This way you create an account and start earning money! You get a few mails each days on which you have to click and then you receive 1 cent. It may sound not like much but beside that, you can like a few pages on facebook (sometimes up to 10 cents each) or play games! This way you earn money quicker than you think. I’ve been using it for a few days (not really active, just using the mails and the facebook likes) and I have saved over 1 euro now. This means within 10 weeks I might have 10 euro? Well every bit works for me ! Also you can invite others to play, for every person you invited (and that person has saved at least 50 cents) you gain 2,50 euro’s! AND there is a jackpot, every day a new winner. When the winner doesn’t pick it up, the jackpot gets higher with 1 euro per day! Well if you would like to have an account too, please click the link below or click the advertisment here:
Geld verdienen voor vrouwen
Cash4Ladies – Geld verdienen met het Online Spaarprogramma voor vrouwen!


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