1. Let my hair get really long
  2. go paragliding
  3. get the boy that loves me back
  4. own a grand piano
  5. build an iglo
  6. build a snow sculpture
  7. go on a no-budget shopping spree
  8. buy a red chanel lipstick
  9. find a snow owl
  10. watch a flashmob
  11. have a best friend that will never let me down
  12. visit south africa
  13. have people shout lyrics back at me
  14. name a star
  15. visit the ruins of mycenae
  16. curl up with someone special and watch the snow fall
  17. Meet Coldplay
  18. cuddle up with someone I love in front of the fireplace
  19. kiss someone at midnight on new years
  20. attend a wedding
  21. interact with an orca
  22. stand with one foot on one side of the equator and one on the other side
  23. meet natalie portman
  24. spend christmas in london
  25. go deep sea diving
  26. find the perfect present for him
  27. bake perfect christmas cookies
  28. go in a ufo
  29. dig a snow tunnel
  30. spend christmas in paris
  31. make gingergread men
  32. be snowed in
  33. send a present to a soldier
  34. be maried to the same person over 50 years
  35. drop a waterbaloon of a tall building
  36. have my husband kiss my pregnant belly
  37. have my first kiss with the one who’s meant for me
  38. see Katy Perry perform
  39. date a celebrity
  40. cuddle next to a campfire
  41. feel comfortable in my own skin
  42. perfect cupcake recipe
  43. visit the parthenon
  44. have a perfect christmas tree
  45. meet Adam Levine
  46. Get my license
  47. Be given a puppy as a present
  48. Wish on a shooting star
  49. Let a snowflake land on my tongue
  50. own every color of opi nail polish
  51. have twins, a boy and a girl
  52. spend a summer getting really tan
  53. go to a water park
  54. go shopping every day for a week
  55. work in an icecream shop
  56. own a collection of cute bikinis
  57. have a luxury bathroom in my future house
  58. use a fake name at starbucks
  59. own a collection of high-end makeup
  60. find hogwarts
  61. own a polydactyl cat
  62. find the perfect boy for me
  63. work at lush cosmetics
  64. roast chestnuts over a fire
  65. get married on a special date
  66. go on a camping trip with all of my friends
  67. be a healthy weight
  68. own an apartement with my friends
  69. own a chanel perfume
  70. become an inspiration
  71. have a conversation with the person I like
  72. own a pearl necklace
  73. own a nikon
  74. play a grand piano
  75. become a barista
  76. visit stockholm
  77. spend a whole day playing video games with him
  78. meet my other half
  79. own a cat
  80. have a snowbal fight with someone I love
  81. visit luxemburg
  82. have a white christmas
  83. go on a coffee date
  84. go on a date at starbucks during the holidays
  85. have . in the shower
  86. go on a no budget shopping spree to lush
  87. own the dog i’ve always wanted
  88. bake something from scratch
  89. have a wardrobe I actually like
  90. surf at hawaiian beach
  91. visit new zealand
  92. go on a plane
  93. visit britain with my best friend
  94. go an entire day without using a phone, a laptop, a computer, a tv, a radio, a mp3 player, an Ipad ect.
  95. have a cute guy buy me coffee
  96. ride the London eye again
  97. Finish a game of monopoly
  98. not be single on valentines day
  99. bake a perfect rainbow cupcake
  100. shop in Paris
  101. catch a falling star
  102. take ballet lessons
  103. own something Chanel
  104. live past December 21, 2012
  105. see my hip bones
  106. go to the moon
  107. walk on the  moon
  108. make pizza dough from scratch
  109. eat healthier
  110. grow an apple tree
  111. See Beyoncé perform
  112. visit bali
  113. watch the sunset with someone I love
  114. get rid of all the negativity of my life
  115. own a macbook
  116. visit thailand
  117. visit thaiwan
  118. grow my own food
  119. own something from tiffany and co
  120. receive chocolates on valentines day
  121. own every shade of mac eyeshadow
  122. build a giant sand castle
  123. go on a no-budget shopping spree in sephora
  124. visit a chocolate factory
  125. finish a whole tube of chapstick
  126. own a pair of ray-bans
  127. wear a beautiful wedding dress
  128. go to my dream college
  129. marry the person I can tell every little thing to
  130. witness a miracle
  131. be a good parent
  132. walk through central park
  133. make out with someone with pop rocks in my mouth
  134. love him until I die
  135. ride an elephant in India
  136. find the perfect little red dress
  137. have a baby
  138. walk on the great wall of china
  139. get married at young age
  140. dance in the rain
  141. stop caring
  142. have a summer job
  143. try all types of chocolate
  144. learn how to waterfall braid
  145. find shapes in clouds with someone I love
  146. try eating dragon fruit
  147. be called mommy
  148. make a perfect omelet
  149. watch my children get married
  150. climb the steps of the mayan ruins
  151. climb a tree
  152. wear a corset
  153. go on a date
  154. get engaged
  155. make up a recipe
  156. visit machu picchu
  157. face my fear of love
  158. be in a perfect relationship
  159. meet Christina Aguilera
  160. Reach my goal weight
  161. become a makeup artist

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